January 31, 2019


Tips To Keep Your Leather Purse In Great Condition

A few tips to keep your leather purse in great condition

Keep Your Leather Bags In Great Condition For Every Season
It's important to keep your bag in good condition, so we created some tips to help you keep your bag in top shape.


Keeping the shape of your bag is one of the most essential things that you can do. 

Bags that wrinkle from being folded will have a higher chance of leather scuffing and tearing.

There are a few tips and tricks to help you keep the shape of your bag.

To prevent the bag from losing shape you can put a small pillow or a rolled up towel inside. This will help the bag stay in shape. You can also put in some dryer sheets, they will also help with the shape and give the bag a fresh smell.

Cleaning your bag

Leather bags need some attention, it is important that you learn how to clean your leather bag. Do not use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners! They can damage the surface of your bag. You should also go easy on the water too as it can leave stains on the leather.

Now let's continue with the tips. First of all, empty all of the pockets and shake the purse upside down to remove dust and debris. Try to clean it on the inside with a vacuum cleaner that has a brush extension.

To clean the leather, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, or baby shampoo, dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and wipe the exterior surfaces of the purse. Use another soft cloth to clean off the soap and any water left. Also be sure to use a towel to further dry it out.

Removing Stains

Stains will probably happen, even if you're extra careful. But we got you covered on this one, depending on the stain, you can use one of the following.

Grease stains can be simply wiped off of leather handbags or you can sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on spot. Rub it in gently, with a damp cloth. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight. The soda or starch will absorb the oil. Wipe off the powder with a soft cloth.

Ink stains can be removed from the purse by dipping a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol or a nail polish remover. Don’t rub, or you could make the ink spread. Blot gently until the stain is gone. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and dry with a towel.

Deep Stains, such as food, blood or wine should be cleaned off your leather purse with a paste. Mix together one part tartar with one part lemon juice and apply the paste gently to the stain. Let it sit for 30 minutes; then wipe it off. Finish by cleaning and drying the handbag as described above.


When storing your bags, you should ideally use, as mentioned before, a pillow or something to fill your bag to keep it in shape. 

Most importantly, keep your bags out of the sun and in a cool, dry place where the fabric can breathe. This prevents the leather from drying out and cracking. If your bag came with a dust-bag, make sure to use it!

Whatever you store it in, just do not use plastics and vinyl, they do not breathe and are moisture resistant – it actually traps wetness! What this means is that using plastic to store your bags may cause mold. 

Do not put your bag on the ground! The floor is dirty, there is a whole world of germs and nastiness living there, so why place your precious handbag down there? Always try to place your handbag on the back of your chair, on your lap or on a neighboring seat.

You should avoid looping the handles over a doorknob or wardrobe door, it puts too much pressure on the handles and may cause them to tear and break, especially if your bag is full, so avoid doing that and your handlers will last much longer.
Use these tips and your bag will be in great condition. 

Of course, this guide is by no means an exhaustive manual. Look to other excellent online resources for leather care advice, like the numerous dedicated bag forums. 

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July 21, 2016



Santa Monica Beach

It’s no surprise that my favorite area to hang out in LA is SANTA MONICA and VENICE - what locals call the “West Side.” Due to horrendous LA traffic (it really is as bad as everyone says it is and maybe worse during peak hours), one should definitely live where they hang out most. I love the West Side because you’re close to the beach, but still within reach of hot spots like West Hollywood and Downtown. I love the quintessential Cali lifestyle of riding my bike year round with palm trees galore and that ocean breeze in my hair. Being in Santa Monica gives me the lifestyle I love on the daily, yet I can visit friends and other neighborhoods easily when my social calendar calls for it. Here's a list of my favorite places... 

Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice

Favorite Coffee Shop

1) Intelligentsia - 1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

Intelligentsia Patio VeniceIntelligentsia Venice

I am a self proclaimed coffee snob where brewing my one and only cup of coffee in the morning has turned into a science project every time (thanks to my boyfriend). I am meticulous and accurate with all the details in making my morning coffee (i.e. weight, time, and temperature). Call it a little obsessive if you will, but for me, there’s almost nothing better than that first sip of the perfect cup. On the weekends, however, I like to bike ride to Intelligentsia as this is one of the uber hipster coffee spots in LA that pioneered pour-over coffee (where they brew a single cup of coffee for you by an order by order basis). This place buzzes with amazing people watching (think creative types working on their next screenplay) and the occasional celebrity sighting too. The ambiance is electric with ample natural light and the industrial decor. 

One Fated Knight Marquess Leather Bag Freesia

Bag I Take With Me: The Marquess Tote

Usually when heading to a coffee shop I carry my laptop, charger, papers, notebook, wallet, phone - basically my whole life; so I need a bag big enough to hold it all while still being lightweight. The Marquess tote is simply perfect for that, plus I can zip it up to keep everything secure.


Favorite Restaurant

2) Gjelina - 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

Gjelina VeniceGjelina Patio VeniceGjelina Mushroom Toast

The food at Gjelina is outstanding to put it simply. Their fresh modern Mediterranean dishes strike an unbeatable balance between tasting luxurious and feeling genuinely nourishing, as the recipes feature mostly vegetables (although not a vegetarian restaurant whatsoever). The presentation is rustic and carelessly beautiful— but the restaurant is often discussed more in terms of its stylish clientele or its extreme no-substitutions policy than it is the high quality of its cooking. This is mainly due to the popularity of my favorite street in LA - Abbott Kinney Blvd - which has become a hot spot all on its own. If you don't mind waiting, get a table on their gorgeous patio.

One Fated Knight Oversized Clutch Leather Bag Black

Bag I Take With Me: Made In LA Oversized Clutch

When out on the town, I like to take the oversized clutch in black embossed stud as it’s clean and chic, and goes with everything. It’s big enough to hold all my essentials and then some, all while looking effortlessly stylish. Plus, if there’s a celebrity spotting, I’d feel confident she’d love the bag too. A bag that’s Made In LA is perfect for LA.


Favorite Shopping Destination

3) Third Street Promenade , Santa Monica

Third Street Promenade Nasty Gal Santa Monica

Choosing this area to shop might come as a surprise to you as it’s not the ultra cool Abbot Kinney or independent haven Main St, however, it’s the easiest street to get some much needed wardrobe refreshment when you’re in a pinch. I start on Wilshire (and 3rd St) and walk south, all the way down to Broadway. My go-to spot is always Nasty Gal. We’ve all read their Queen Bee Sophie Amoruso’s "Girl Boss", yes? (If not, it’s an easy, feel good, take over the world, kind of read) Well, their flagship store is a must see. It’s beautiful and modern, with a touch of goth-like edge. I can usually find something here if I need a spicy outfit to impress the cool kids of LA at an event. If you’re following me on instagram (@jen_yau + @onefatedknight) you’ll see I’ve picked up a couple items from Adidas recently. I’m loving the simple and contemporary Adidas branding and design on their super comfy yet stylish Adilette gel slides. The materials and pattern on their new Alphabounce trainers won me over as well. Another store I love is All Saints. They have to die for fashion statements that you can wear everyday and feel like you’re walking off the runway. This isn’t haute couture per sé; more like avante garde ready-to-wear fashion. The price tag is more affordable when they have seasonal sales, so best time to pop in is at the beginning of summer or after Christmas.

One Fated Knight Bishop Leather Bag Navy

Bag I Take With Me: The Bishop Woven Bucket Bag

This perfect everyday bag is just that - perfect for every day. It’s big enough to take on a shopping excursion with me in case I indulge (I almost always say “no” to shopping bags if I can) and carry items I had to have, but it’s also small enough where if loaded to the brim it’s not giving me back and shoulder pain (the struggle is real). Also, let’s not forget the cute factor of this woven number. I love flaunting the OFK wax seal emblem as it’s one of the only bags to still sport the knight on horse logo, and goes with my casual Westcoast style on the daily. Plus, all the pockets inside and out make my life so much easier (if I could add up all the time I’ve spent rummaging through my purse back in the day…).


Favorite Activity

4) Riding bikes from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Boardwalk

Riding Bikes In Santa MonicaVenice Beach Skatepark

Probably my most favorite thing about living in LA is the weather. I LOVE that I can ride my bike year round and the coldest it’ll ever get will mean I need to rock my leather jacket (which I never mind). If you’re coming down to visit, renting a bike is super easy. There are a ton of places you can rent from by the hour, half day, or full day, and since there’s so many of them you won’t need to shop around for prices as they’re pretty much the same. I usually start on the Santa Monica side on Ocean Ave and head down to the bike path on the beach boardwalk near the Santa Monica Pier. The outdoor fitness area right beside the pier is always great to check out as there are some really talented people doing interesting things on the bars/rings/slack line/etc. I tried walking on the slack line (that tight rope thing you’ve seen in parks) and it was incredibly hard - way harder than it seems! Along the way, approaching Venice Beach, you’ll see masses of people crowding around certain street performers and boardwalk vendors. One of my favorite things to do on this bike ride is to stop and be amazed by the skateboarders at the Venice Beach Skatepark. It has got to be one of the most beautiful skateparks in the world with the smooth surfaces and movements against the palm trees, beach, and ocean. Seriously picturesque, especially at sunset.

One Fated Knight Archbishop Leather Bag Grey

Bag I Take With Me: The Archbishop Woven Cross Body

It’s no wonder the Archbishop is a style editor’s favorite bag. With its tassels and woven body, this unique shape is a head-turner. I love its size as it deceivingly fits a lot of stuff (if you have one you’ll know what I mean), yet is super lightweight. The thinner cross body strap allows me to take pics, ride my bike, and eat ice cream… hands-free. And this is one of the best bags to take from day to night since you can dress it up or down. 


Favorite Rooftop Bar

5) High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin - 1697 Pacific Ave, Venice

High at Hotel Erwin Rooftop BarHotel Erin sunset view

LA wouldn’t be LA if not for all the amazing rooftop bars and restaurants you can visit year round. Why this one is at the top of my list is because of the views. A great spot regardless, but when you come for a refreshing cocktail after being out in the sun all day and you take that first sip of your favorite drink overlooking the Pacific Ocean amongst the palm trees and the beach?! Wow is all I can say. It can sometimes get a bit chilly with the ocean breeze, especially when the sun goes down, but they provide blankets and snuggies for everyone to enjoy. I would recommend getting there an hour before sunset to nab yourself a booth and take in the views of the beautiful surroundings, the amazing people watching and trend spotting of today’s tastemakers, and of course, the cocktails.


Bag I Take With Me: The Queen Woven Carry All

The most luxurious bag out of the OFK collection is the Queen. I always feel confident and unstoppable with this bag on my shoulder. For me, it exudes strength and female power (cheesy, I know), but it’s true! When I’m out doing boss lady things, I love having this bag by my side as it fits my whole life in it (laptop included), all while looking classy and put together, regardless of what I’m wearing. The Queen is perfect for any outing, but especially a rooftop bar as you’ll probably get lots of compliments on it… and if they think you’re a local, well that will just be the cherry on the top.

If I missed some of your favorites, let me know in the comments and I'll include them in an upcoming post... Jen xo

December 15, 2015


#OFKHolidayHeroine - Celebrating Strong Women Who Inspire Others

Here at OFK we're all about creating the life you love and celebrating strong awesome females who have done just that, so we'll be featuring our favorite women who embody the OFK mantra leading up to the holidays called "The 12 Days of Holiday Heroines!"

Today's #OFKHolidayHeroine is a great friend who continues to inspire everyone around her with her positive energy, go-getter attitude, boss lady drive and infectious laugh. 

She's the Owner and Founder of TheStyleSpy.com and consults big wigs on social media strategy. Always looking out for her peeps, she's a sharp sword in the arsenal and has definitely created the life she loves.

OFK Holiday Heroine - Erica Lam

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August 30, 2014


Sneak Peek: Fall/Winter '14 Collection

What an incredible summer this was! Heavenly weather, crazy road trips, insanely-good music festivals, and all the while beautiful babes rocking OFK. Although we're sad to see it end, the fall season brings a new chapter and fresh perspective ... We're excited to announce that there will be badass, new additions coming to the OFK collection. Details will be released soon View full article →
July 15, 2014


Summer Lovin'

Right now we just can’t get enough of … Beach days and evening joy rides. Early mornings browsing farmers' markets. The smell of fresh cut grass and the taste of iced coffee. A hammock and a good book. The energy of an outdoor concert. Lazy picnics. Dock hangs and sunsets. Warm evenings playing at a carnival or amusement park. Lounge chairs and a cold brew. Sun-kissed skin and ocean spray. Hot and dusty drives. Campfires and sleeping under the stars. View full article →
June 02, 2014


OFK Hits the East Coast with RUNE NYC

Surround yourself with like-minded people, both in life and business, for optimum happiness and success. These are words we live by here at One Fated Knight, so for founder Jen Yau’s trip to the East Coast she’s teamed up with a fashion ally, Emily Santamore of the new fashion legging line RUNE NYC View full article →
May 13, 2014


Finding Inspiration with Photographer Allison Kuhl

There’s nothing better than teaming up with a creative professional who’s talented AND fun to work with. One Fated Knight struck gold with Allison Kuhl, the photographer behind our product shots. Days in the studio with her never feel like work. Kuhl also shoots for a number of our favourite Canadian independent fashion companies, such as F as in Frank and Alden Rae Jewelry. Recently, we took a time out on set to find out more about what inspires her. View full article →
May 06, 2014


Must Haves and Hot Spots with Toronto's Heel Boy

If you know Queen Street West, you know Heel Boy. We can always count on our friends at Toronto's best shoe boutique for the inside track on what's hot. So we nabbed their Senior Buyer, Katherine Chreptak, and quizzed her on her favourite trends, eats and One Fated Knight sidekick. View full article →
April 22, 2014


Spring/Summer 2014 Highlights

We’ve been hinting and teasing you on the blog and with our behind the scenes sneak peeks. And now... It’s go time! One Fated Knight’s Spring/Summer collection of leather handbags has launched and is available ASAP on our website! But before you get shopping, we know you want a rundown of the goods. View full article →
April 15, 2014


OFK Inspiration: Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

The West Coast is covered in cherry blossoms and the East Coast is thawing out. Winter hibernation is over and we’re finally feeling refreshed and geared up for the warmer months. What better time to release our Spring/Summer 2014 collection? Our new leather handbags drop next week, so here's a sneak peek at our inspiration board. View full article →
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