June 02, 2014


We believe inspiration is all around us every day. We believe in standing still to enjoy each moment. We believe in the life less travelled. Our vintage-inspired leather handbags are designed to live with you. With modern details and timeless silhouettes, a commitment to sustainable practices and a promise of high quality leather goods, we are One Fated Knight.

OFK Hits the East Coast with RUNE NYC

Surround yourself with like-minded people, both in life and business, for optimum happiness and success. These are words we live by here at One Fated Knight, so for founder Jen Yau’s trip to the East Coast she’s teamed up with a fashion ally, Emily Santamore of the new fashion legging line RUNE NYC. The two go way back, so it’s bound to be a road trip of laughs, adventure and getting down to business too. Pre-departure we got the lowdown from Emily on running a business with her brother John, design inspiration and her love for the East Coast. Rune   As a brother/sister team, what's it like to have a sibling as a business partner? It was hard in the beginning to leave the fact that we are siblings at the door but now it’s the glue that keeps this company strong. We have unending loyalty and trust in one another and value that we each bring unique skills and talents to the company. It is kind of nice to know that we will always have each other’s backs when the times get hard and I think this is something rare in business.   Emily, can you tell us more about your inspiration, the "Rune Girl"? I was inspired to create a line of leggings that were both functional and fashionable. I looked everywhere for this product and could not find anything out there that didn’t break the bank or it just simply missed the design mark. I created a fun, wearable legging for the girl and woman who wanted to look good, feel good without spending their entire paycheck. The Rune Girl to me is the real girl living in the real world working hard everyday. She is not into labels or trends; she knows who she is and what makes her feel and look good.   Your line is designed, sourced and manufactured in NYC. How important is the city to your business? New York, the greatest city in the world, is absolutely implemental to our business. We support the Garment District and choose to keep jobs in NYC, as well as the United States. The Fashion District was once the epicenter of fashion in the US, but that has been diminishing as retailers and consumers want everything for less, pushing companies to manufacture overseas. Rune NYC will always produce in the US and continue to create jobs as well as a product that is affordable. Things are changing in the Garment District and I have noticed a rise in designers wanting to produce in the city so it is exciting to be a part of this movement. For more information go to www.savethegarmentdistrict.com   Where do you go in the city to be revitalized, either personally or creatively? I escape the city every weekend to my house in South Jersey where I am surrounded by nature – yes, trees or down to the beaches for some peace. I realize as I get older that nature and water are so vital to my happiness and to my creativity. I usually design at home - I find I cannot design in my office in New York. Too many distractions.   What are your favourite pieces right now from the Spring and Fall lines? I love style Noelle in Acid colourway and I am very excited for style Skeeter in all colourways for Fall 2014.   What are your go-to fabrics for this year's designs? I always use supplex but this year I am also adding neoprene and an assortment of stretch jerseys as well as laser cut faux leather.   What do you enjoy most about being on the road? I think it is always nice to meet your stores in person and to visit their stores so you get a sense of who their customer is. This always helps when I am planning each season. It’s also nice to be hands on and get out of the office too.   How would you style RUNE NYC and One Fated Knight? That’s easy OFK bags go great with any of my leggings. They are the perfect accessory for bee bopping around town.   If you had unlimited funds, where would you head first to shop in New York? I would go to Atrium, Story, Jeffery in the Meatpacking District, Zoë in Dumbo.   Where are we most likely to find you on a Monday afternoon? A Saturday night? Monday afternoon I would be either in my office at home working or on my deck sketching. Saturday night home with my husband and son Parker, making a good home cooked meal.   RUNENYC1

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