Leather Passport Wallet Featuring State of the Art RFID Blocking Protection by EXINOZ®
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This genuine leather passport wallet - by guest brand EXINOZ® - not only has the quality of craftsmanship, ample space and practicality you need for daily use and travel. It also offers state-of-the-art RFID blocking preventing identity and payment card information theft, giving you peace of mind as you go. It's quite simply beauty and function in one beautifully-crafted high-grade leather wallet.


  • Exterior and interior made of high-grade cowhide leather
  • RFID blocking coating that will protect your credit cards, passport and metro card
  • 7 Credit card slots lined with RFID blocking fabric
  • Durable design with 1-year product warranty
  • Extra slots for storing your boarding pass and foreign currency
  • Slim minimalist design
  • Genuine leather wallet and passport holder
  • Ideal for travel and daily commute


A couple of quick facts:

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification - the chip technology inside credit cards and passports.
  • Metro cards have RFID chips for quick swiping and credit cards are implanted with RFID chips for faster shopping.
  • Passports have chips that store our photos and travel information. They’re Everywhere.
  • RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields. All you need to do to scan them is proximity
  • With or Without Your Consent.
  • Without Secure RFID Protection, your wallet can be scanned by a malicious person and your credit card information and personal details can be easily exposed without you even noticing!
  • Fortunately, the EXINOZ Leather Passport Wallet is designed to interrupt and block these radio waves. Made of genuine cowhide leather and lined with layers of RFID blocking it will protect you anywhere you go.
  • The EXINOZ RFID Passport Wallet is minimalist in design and great for both men and women who want to stay safe and travel in style. It can store one passport, cash, tickets and up to 7 credit cards in a very slim and elegant profile.



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